Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What makes a good interview 

A good interview has lots of good questions that are openended questions.  The questions should make the subject think deeply and should have a long answer. For example where was your favorite place to play when you were little? and why?
What journalism means to me

* What does journalism look like?
Articles about news, health and many other things. News papers like New York Times and The Portland Press Harold. Magazines like national geographic, People and Home and Garden.

* Is there "good"  or "bad" journalism?
There are both good and bad journalism

* Where do you see journalism in your life?
In the news

* Journalists I pay attention to.
I don't really pay attention to any journalists.

* Why are you interested in journalism?
To become a better writer and to challenge myself.

* What are you curious to learn more about in the terms of this class? Journalism in general?
I am curious to learn different styles of writing and to find out what good questions are.