Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hip hop politics

  • Who does hip-hop belong to?
    • It belongs to everyone

  • Are white artists who prosper in hip-hop robbing from black musicians? Or is music fair game for all true fans?
    • It is absolutely fair game for everyone.

  • Should Macklemore be apologizing? Is his apology sincere? Is it appropriate?
    • Some people take it way to seriously.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Dear reader,

For me this year as a writer has been challenging in a good way.  I feel like I have grown as a writer and now know what questions to ask to make better pieces of writing.  Some of the things that I have struggled with in journalism are coming up with really good questions and and strong details.  I believe that I have improved in those areas over the semester and I have a better understanding of how to achieve them.
The first piece of writing I chose to put on my blog was my personality profile because I believe it is a fairly strong piece of writing for me.  To creat this piece of writing I had to get an interview from a person with the career I wanted to go in to.  I'm not sure of the weaknesses that stand out to much but I would love to add more of my voice and point of view.
The second piece of writing is my college essay I chose this piece because it has a strong voice and tone. The weaknesses I would say are that I didn't put a lot of detail in because I couldn't remember to well. The strengths I would say are that I did paint some what of a picture  for example " When I'm in the apple orchard I like to take in the sounds of the things around me. The sounds I hear are the wind whistling through the trees and birds chirping in the trees all around me."
Some of my goals at the beginning of the class were to become a better writer with more detailed papers and going into more depth with what I'm trying to write.  I believe that I have almost gotten to a point where I have been able to achieve them. The one that I'm closest to achieving is putting more details in the papers.  I want to make my writing more meaningful and interesting for the reader.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

College essay

The place that I feel content at is my family’s apple orchard the Terison Apple Orchard. The apple orchard is on 25 acres of land in Cumberland, Maine on Whitney Road, and it has been in the family since 1946. Most of the trees are around 100 years old and are still living. There are two barns on the property and one looks like it's more of a shed than a barn. The other is a normal looking barn and it is where people used to get needems and cider. There is still a little snack shack at the front of the orchard. The snack shack looks like a little white shed with a sign that says Apples.
I spent most of my falls growing up at the orchard, so much so that it has a spot in my heart. The part that makes the orchard my content place is the fact that it is peaceful and mostly quiet. The orchard reminds me of a happier time in my life when I was young and I didn’t have many cares in the world. The orchard is as much a part of me as the blood that flows through my veins.
 I feel a great attachment to my family through the orchard like it is what connects me to my ancestors. My grandfather is a second generation apple farmer who took great care of the orchard when it was still running. My grandfather took the orchard to the next level as a business by adding new trees. I like being there and remembering all the things that it meant to me before it closed and all the things I used to do there with my family. Before the orchard closed for business my parents would work there in the falls. I have a great memory from when I was three, my dad would pick me up and throw me in the air in the middle of the orchard. When he would throw me in the air I would feel like I was flying and free. My mother would teach me how to pick the apples correctly so as not to hurt the trees and how to use the apple picker tool.
When I'm in the apple orchard I like to take in the sounds of the things around me. The sounds I hear are the wind whistling through the trees and birds chirping in the trees all around me. Looking back I realize now that it was my favorite place in the whole wide world and it still is in some part the place I want to be. The place that is the most special in the orchard for me is the first apple tree because it is where I would spend most of my time playing. For the most part I would be with my dad on his shoulders or with my mom learning about apples and the orchard. I will never want to let it go no matter what anyone says about it, I will always cherish it with all of my heart. I want other people to feel the peace that I feel when I'm there and see other orchard like I do, as a safe and quiet place.

Personality profile

Have you ever wondered why art is so important? This question has not really occurred to me because it is important to me. Because it is a way of expressing yourself and a way of documenting history. Just think what school would be without art, Would it be the same or different? Would it matter to you if it was different?

Kathleen Meade is an artist in freeport who teaches art to all ages. I asked Kathleen Meade some questions about a career in art and working with children because the career I am thinking of going into is art therapy to help children that have different learning styles. Kathleen Meade went to cain university in New jersey. Meades experience at Cain was a pleasant one “It just seemed like a normal progression in school we were taught a variety of things like quilting, ceramics, painting, and sculpture. They said you might want to do this and learn how to teach it as well just in case you want to teach.” she also said  “It was fabulous really great because of the broad base of it. One of the professors for quilting was an ex marine and we learned weaving from a granola person. We also had fun bringing in bands and artists from New York.”
Ms. Meade also makes paintings and sells them and her son Sebastian and her do big projects like they used to make sets for tv stations like channel 13. She told me how to plan lessons for kids. “I start with a concept like the lesson i'm doing on pettengill house and the inspiration for it is the ships that somebody scraped into the wall and its called scraphedo. So sebastian and I did a class all around that. So it was defining that how to show kids how to scrap the walls. drawing ships how to use the tools and how to make it look so that its old like the tea stained paper that everybody does at some point sort of like that.”

Ms. Meade teaches all ages from children to elderly folks. “So it was kind of interesting because some of the women were there and were definitely needing assistance and other people there. There were probably five of six. It was a live in pajama party basicly. Like they were all making memory jugs which are jugs covered in supposedly cement but we’re not using cement which is one of the adaptations you need to make. So we’re using a different kind of clay so they would poke in little 3 dimensional memories like keys or pins or tiny pictures. It started people talking about their past and their memories.” She said about one of her classes at the senior citizen home In Freeport. I asked her if teaching adults is different than teaching children and she told me that it wasn’t really different at all. Kathleen Meade told me how she teaches the children. “ Basically when you're teaching period when i’m teaching I teach every individual so its not like you might be jumping off the wall but you're getting something done. Somebody else only wants to do everything correctly and they're going to have to make mistakes. So I would just work with each person individually in the class and it seems to work for me.”
 I asked Ms. Meade for advice on how to start a business teaching art and she told me “ Basically acknowledging the fact that people need art and where to go from there. my business extended with doing other art things besides teaching. I had chosen not to go into the public system because of bureaucracy and all the stuff that is there. I taught up at the parochial school for a while and then I taught in other places where they need other art classes.”  I asked her what the challenges of teaching kids? She told me “Some are off the walls (laughs). Children are usually not a problem in art at all the parents might be a problem but not children. Like during the summer art program one mother came in and was mad that her son had paint on his favorite clothes and I had told her to pack old clothes.” Art is really important in the world for many reasons. so I asked Ms. Meade how it affects children  “Its the bottom line base line to their humanity to make and do I find that all the way through. It doesn’t matter if its kids or adults the bottom line is you need to be making and people who say i’m not an artist reality is its a really good impact on their brain, on their soul. To put it simply arts good arts important.” I agree with her and this is the reason I want to help children express themselves with art by going into an art career.