Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Local article

*What was the assignment?
To write a local editorial article

*Why did you choose this piece over the others?
I chose this piece over the others because it is a great example of an editorial.

*What are the strengths and weaknesses of the piece?
the strengths are that I have great introductions of the people I interviewed. The weaknesses are that I needed an opinion from a teacher.

The RSU 

The RSU is a greatly debated subject in Freeport, some support it and think it was a great idea and others think that it was a horrible Idea I personally find that the RSU has work fairly well because now a lot of the extracurriculars have grown in participation. But I do believe that they should of thought out the plan more before the towns voted on it.
An example of a negative view on the RSU is when I asked "What do you think of the RSU?" Shannon Fournier a mother of a senior at Freeport high school said I understand what the state was trying to do with consolidating schools into districts to lower cost.  However, the planning was not well thought out and there were several things that needed to be ironed out before the deadline arrived.  These items were not completed before the RSU’s were put into action and like all things. If the planning is not complete, the Project will fail.
Nick Boyden a senior at Freeport said The RSU is great, my sister is a freshman here at Freeport and I don't think it is a good idea to mover her to a new school just because we live in Durham.
I find that the students and teachers in the school have split views of the RSU because of this argument. It's like the parents are influencing the students views on this matter for example the school is divided some what by town and they don't mingle.
"I remember attending meetings where state representatives came to the town and discussed the topic of the RSU.  The meetings were packed and the discussions were very heated.  I typically never attend town meetings, however, I was opposed to the RSU because there were too many unanswered questions and it seemed doomed to fail." Remarked Shannon Fournier
I think that if planned out properly, it will be fine.  However, there are many questions in my mind about the finances that were added together and if they are going back to the town that they belong to. I am specifically speaking of the Durham school debt that we all had to assume and pay for. Will Durham and Pownal go back to having a choice of schools to attend?  And will Freeport receive funds for each student that does attend our High school?
There are strong feelings from all three towns and this needs to be handled with delicacy and diplomacy.  The RSU committee needs to be completely transparent this time around. Shannon Fournier stated about the consequences if the RSU split.
"They bring it up every year and it keeps getting shot down. I believe students would have to go to other schools. My sister would have to go to Brunswick, I have heard not so good things about that school. The classes would be smaller because half of the school would be gone."  Said Nick Boyden
A solution could be that they should work with what they have and improve what needs improvement. For example they should look at the classrooms and see if anything needs fixing.

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